Friday, August 24, 2012

Nebula Bracelet - Artisan Lampwork, Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver


I love the color swirls in these lampwork beads from Sandie's Jewels. They remind me of some of the NASA pictures you see of other universes out in space. They have a black base with swirls of purple which seems to have reacted with the black to also create some blues, tans and pinks.

Fine silver is also melted into the glass. They are just GORGEOUS! I combined them with wonderful black Swarovski cosmic beads and lots of sterling silver accents.

A gorgeous twisted toggle completes the design and more lampwork and [ Read More ..... ]



Enamel and Swarovski Crystal Lucky Charm Bracelet


Catherine Popesco Enamel and Swarovski Crystal Lucky Charm Bracelet
Length: 7 1/2"; Width: Enamel Clover Charm measures 1" by 3/4"

All La Vie Parisienne jewelry by Catherine Popesco is made of genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals, [ Read More ..... ]



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