Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swarovski – The True Synonym for Crystal


Daniel Swarovski established the first crystal cutting factory that uses hydro-electricity for the process of grinding the mineral which contains about 36% lead i.e. a special metallic chemical coatings that gives the surface a rainbow-like appearance but also makes crystal jewellery look slick.

By: Paul Shane

Invariably one of the most popular brand names in jewellery, Swarovski was founded by Daniel Swarovski in the year 1895. However, the idea was first perceived in 1892 when he invented an automatic cutting machine for crystals.

He established the first crystal cutting factory in Wattens and used hydro-electricity for the process of grinding of the mineral. This site is now home to an indoor theme park that is based on the theme of crystal.

Headquartered in Zurich, the company is today regarded as the leading manufacturer of precision-cut lead crystal glass products. All its products are embossed with its logo – a swan. This logo was changed from the original one of an edelweiss flower in the year 1988.

The crystal manufactured under this brand name contains about 36% lead – a technique that helps in maximising refraction. Their product range includes crystal sculptures, jewellery, couture, chandeliers and home decor items. Also available are beads and rhinestones that are usually be bought other jewellers and sold in their own designs.

To allow the refraction of light in a rainbow spectrum, Swarovski uses special metallic chemical coatings in some of its products. This coating not only gives the surface a rainbow-like appearance, but also makes it look slick.

The popularity of crystal jewellery has boosted the prospects of this brand over the years. With people showing tremendous interest in crystal, jewellers have done their best to cash in on this development. A number of online stores now offer this brand in their product range.

When you decide to buy Swarovski online, go for a trusted source. You will easily get a wide variety of products to choose from. Scan the web for some of the popular online jewellery stores and then surf through their sites to pick the best available designs. Finally, go for the item that is unique and easily fits into your budget.


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