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Michael Kors Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Watch

Sparkling Swarovski crystals frame a rectangular, bracelet-style watch finished with a sleek, numberless face.

Approx. band length: 203mm.
Approx. band width: 13mm.
Approx. case dimensions: 13mm W x 19mm H.
Stainless steel/gold ionic plating/Swarovski crystals.
By Michael Kors; imported.

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Taking Care of your Jewellery

Swarovski jewellery are easy to take care. Jewellery that made from glass and plastic materials are easy to clean and maintain. To keep the shine and glitter, use a piece of damp sponge to wipe off any dirt or grime that has accumulated overtime. But make sure the sponge is not dripping wet! Then allow the jewellery to dry naturally near a window or under a low heat hair dryer.

Although glass crystal beads are durable and pleasure to use in jewellery craft, they are also quite fragile. These beads do get broken or chipped if not handled properly. To keep the crystal jewellery intact, encase them in the jewellery boxes when you are not wearing them. Avoid getting your bead jewellery in contact with chemicals like perfume, hair spray, soap and etc.Therefore apply make-up, hairspray, perfume and other products FIRST, before putting on your jewelry.

As a general rule, jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you leave the house, and the first thing you take off when you get home. This cuts down on the wear and tear, and will help it last a lifetime.

Swarovski Family Member Launches New Brand

DALLAS (AP) ― Dec 29, 2008

As a member of the famed Austrian crystal family, Vanessa Swarovski Piedra grew up around beautiful sparkling objects. Now she's creating a few of her own.around beautiful sparkling objects. Now she's creating a few of her own.

Swarovski Piedra, the great-great-granddaughter of Swarovski Corp. founder Daniel Swarovski, launched a jewelry collection this fall featuring Swarovski crystals under her own brand, VSP. And plans for the brand extend beyond jewelry, including candles, crystal-studded pashminas and throws and crystal-adorned furniture.

It's an extension of her family's heritage, but also a fresh take on a storied tradition.

The Swarovski story goes back to 1892 when Daniel Swarovski, a glasscutter in what is now the Czech Republic, invented a machine that improved the process of crystal-cutting. The invention led to a bountiful business of both original designs and collaboration on jewelry, clothing and housewares with designers around the world.

Swarovski Piedra grew up near the Swarovski headquarters in Wattens, Austria, located just outside of Innsbruck, surrounded with that tradition everyday: Her father is currently chief executive officer of Swarovski.

At the age of 14 she spent a summer learning goldsmithing at the Design Institute of Rome.

"When you're around it so much, you just grow up looking for it," said Swarovski Piedra, 40.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, she went to the Gemological Institute of America to became a certified gemologist. She worked for a diamond company in New York and at Swarovski's gemstone division in Austria before moving to Vero Beach, Fla., in 1997 to open a jewelry store where she sold the works of several designers, including her own designs with gold and diamonds.

While in Vero Beach, she met professional baseball player Jorge Piedra. A couple of years after their February 2001 marriage, she closed down her store as his baseball career took them to several different cities.

About four years ago, the couple and their two daughters -- 6 and 2 -- settled in the Dallas area, and now she is ready to go out in her own direction.

The collection is playful and young: Shimmery bracelets featuring tiny crystals that can link together to create necklaces or belts; crystal pendants hanging from cords; even children's pieces.

Bob Maxwell, who has carried VSP jewelry since November in his Warwick, N.Y., boutique Style Counsel, said that the pendant -- which comes with or without a diamond -- makes a bold statement, but isn't overpowering.

"It can be dressy or they can wear it casually with jeans and a white shirt," he said.

Another line features crystals backed with faces from Old Master paintings. "It's such an untraditional use of the product. You're wearing art," said Colleen Brennan, creative director of VSP and a partner, who came up with the idea.Read More....

Vanessa Swarovski Piedra, the great-great-granddaughter of Swarovski Corporation founder Daniel Swarovski, launched a jewelry collection this fall featuring Swarovski crystals under her own brand, VSP. Swarovski Piedra plans for VSP to extend beyond jewelry with candles, crystal-studded pashmina scarves, throw blankets and crystal-adorned furniture.

The collection consists of shimmery bracelets featuring tiny crystals that can link together to create necklaces or belts, crystal pendants hanging from cords, and even children’s pieces. It’s a fresh look to her family’s heritage in the fine jewelry business.

VSP, which debuted this fall at the Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market Show, is already being carried by several boutiques across the country and this spring will be available in Macy’s Herald Square location in New York City, Swarovski Piedra said in an interview with an AP writer.

The pieces range from about $60 to $600. Swarovski Piedra isn’t too worried about the effect of the ailing economy, saying that crystal jewelry allows people to get a quality item without the cost of more expensive fine jewelry.

-Crystal VanZandt (fashion intern)

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Nebula Bracelet - Artisan Lampwork, Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver


I love the color swirls in these lampwork beads from Sandie's Jewels. They remind me of some of the NASA pictures you see of other universes out in space. They have a black base with swirls of purple which seems to have reacted with the black to also create some blues, tans and pinks.

Fine silver is also melted into the glass. They are just GORGEOUS! I combined them with wonderful black Swarovski cosmic beads and lots of sterling silver accents.

A gorgeous twisted toggle completes the design and more lampwork and [ Read More ..... ]



Enamel and Swarovski Crystal Lucky Charm Bracelet


Catherine Popesco Enamel and Swarovski Crystal Lucky Charm Bracelet
Length: 7 1/2"; Width: Enamel Clover Charm measures 1" by 3/4"

All La Vie Parisienne jewelry by Catherine Popesco is made of genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals, [ Read More ..... ]


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Beautiful Bridal Bracelets

By Laura Firenze

When choosing your suite of bridal jewelry, it is not only the necklace and earrings that are important. The ensemble is not truly complete until you have chosen a bracelet to wear. Bridal bracelets can be dainty or bold, subtle or striking; it all depends on your taste.

There are many styles of bridal bracelets available. You can select one that is an exact match to your wedding necklace or choose one that goes without matching for a more eclectic look. For example, if you have chosen a delicate crystal drop pendant, you can complete your crystal bridal jewelry with a chunky bracelet with large crystals all the way around. Sometimes brides who are not comfortable with strong jewelry by their face enjoy a bold wedding bracelet.

Multiple bracelets are also a great look. Choose two or three similar pieces to stack up on one wrist. It looks better to wear several bracelets on the same wrist than to wear one bracelet on each wrist. The weight of them will feel really good, and they make a pleasant jingling sound. Mix it up with crystals, pearls, and cz accents.

Your bridal bracelet is a great place to be playful with color. Let's say that your bridesmaids are wearing apple green dresses. The bride can tie into her color scheme by ordering a wedding bracelet that is handcrafted with peridot colored Swarovksi crystals combined with white pearls or clear crystals. A smaller version of the same style can be created for the bridesmaids. Custom bridal jewelry makes great bridesmaid gifts.

Bridal bracelets are usually worn on your right wrist to let your engagement ring and wedding band be the star of the show on your left hand. An exception would be if you have a strong tanline from your watch on your left arm - wear the bracelet on that side to help cover it up. (It should go without saying that a bride does not wear a watch.) Bracelets are also a beautiful way to cover up a wrist tattoo, should you (or your mother!) so desire. If a bride is wearing gloves during the ceremony, she should wait to put on her bracelet until the gloves are removed during the reception. Wearing a bracelet over gloves will make you look like the Queen Mum.

One of the wonderful things about a bracelet is how easy they are to wear again after the wedding. There may be days when a full set of crystal bridal jewelry would feel like too much, but a sparkling bracelet would be just right. A pretty bracelet is a great way to add pizazz to a simple outfit, be it a suit for work or jeans and a dressy top for a night out with your husband.

A bridal bracelet is a terrific way to complete your bridal jewelry set. Whether you are wearing crystal bridal jewelry, pearls, or simple sterling silver pieces, you are not fully dressed until you slip on a bracelet. Choose one or two that you really love, since you will enjoy wearing them for years to come.
Laura is interested in wedding planning and wedding trends including jewelry, receptions and gifts. Crystal bridal jewelry bracelets are a fabulous finishing touch to your wedding attire.
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